Google AdMob

Google AdMob is used to serve advertisements in most of my apps.

To better protect your privacy, Google AdMob has been configured to never send your location to Google within my apps. This means my apps do not take part in "location-based" advertising.

You may opt out of "targeted advertising" for all Google Advertising software by going to this official Google link: Opt out of seeing personalized ads, choosing "If you're signed out of your Google Account", and following the instructions for "Opt out of Ads Personalization Across the Web".

If you do not opt out of this "targeted advertising" Google may use your device ID to generate interest and demographic categories about you (i.e. "sports enthusiast" or "inferred age: 18-34"). These interest and demographic categories will be used to serve targeted ads to you.

App Servers

My servers do not not collect any payment information.


All of my apps use HTTPS. All Google AdMob requests are also done over HTTPS.

Server Access Logs

Server access logs are kept with IP address and User Agent. These logs are used to identify and alleviate hacking attempts and to determine the nature of the load on my servers.


Server backups are done daily. There is no personally identifiable information in these backups.


There is no email subscription list or beta program for my apps.