Google AdMob and Google Adsense

The latest versions of Wildfire Info, Earthquake Monitor, California Traffic, California Traffic Cameras, Satellite Weather, and Portland Incident Map do not have ads from AdMob in them anymore.

Google AdMob and Google Adsense are used to serve advertisements on Find Lot Size (iOS, Android, and web) and Map Measurement Tool (iOS).

Personalized vs. non-personalized ads within the context of Google Admob and Google Adsense

Read about the difference here: Personalized and non-personalized ads

Find Lot Size (iOS, Android, and web) and Map Measurement Tool (iOS) use personalized ads via Google AbMob and Google Adsense, unless you are in the EEA or UK.

How are ads personalized in David Gross' apps and websites?

Google frequently changes how ads are personalized. Some past and present examples that show what personalization is based on, but not limited to are: your past Google web searches, past web activity including visits to other sites and apps (believed to be defunct based on media reports), demographic information, location (IP-address based) or otherwise inferred, device ID, performance data, or other diagnostic data.

Precise location data policy for Google AdMob

All of David Gross' apps are configured to never send the user's precise location to Google Admob or Google Adsense, although your coarse location may be inferred by Google Admob or Google Adsense based on your map viewing or IP address.

Do ads still initialize if I purchase an ad-free or so-called "Premium" subscription?

No, in general, ads will not initialize and most Admob requests will be eliminated, except for "app measurement" requests. David Gross is working toward eliminating app measurement by Google Admob in Find Lot Size and Map Measurement Tool. The app should run absent Admob requests completely from a firewall perspective in the ad-free case once "app measurement" has been eliminated.

Third Parties, Cookies and Web Beacons

Third parties may be placing and reading cookies on Find Lot Size and Map Measurement Tool's users' browsers or web beacons to collect information as a result of ad serving. These cookies and web beacons will soon not be used once AdMob unveils Limited Ads.

Use of Device Location Data within David Gross Apps

In any of David Gross' apps, websites, or services that request precise location data, if that precise data leaves the app, in most cases David Gross will "fuzz" the location data on the device to make it more coarse. David Gross does not send or store your location data off to the server-side unless necessary (i.e. for setting up earthquake alerts, your coarse location must be known and stored server-side, but not with a personal identifier, rather a notification token). In those specific cases, an in-app pop-up will describe the express purpose and degree of the location sharing.

David Gross does not use your device location data for anything other than the specific app service.

David Gross does not share the location data you sent to his servers or stored at his servers with any third parties.

Customer Support Requests

Any data generated through the email-based customer support system in David Gross' apps or websites can be stored indefinitely by David Gross for the sole purpose of improving product quality. User-generated customer support requests are not shared with any third-party in any manner.

Advanced Admob Reporting

David Gross is working toward disabling automated advanced Admob crash reporting and automated Admob in-app purchase reporting in Find Lot Size and Map Measurement Tool.

EU User Consent

David Gross only shows non-personalized ads to users in the EEA and UK.

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

David Gross signals Google to restrict data processing and only show non-personalized ads to eligible users in California.

Ad Shown due to Failure of Ad Receipt

David Gross cannot be held liable for any ad shown spuriously when purchasing a Premium Subscription for Ad-Free. This can happen extremely rarely due to a device error.

Transport Security

David Gross uses HTTPS throughout his apps, websites, and services except for insecure ad content mentioned below.

Insecure Ad Content

David Gross allows arbitrary loads over plaintext HTTP for ad-related media and web content in Find Lot Size and Map Measurement Tool.

Google's Use of Data

Please refer to this link: How Google uses information from sites or apps that use our services

Data Collection

Like most Web servers on the Internet, David Gross' servers collect and store within Web access logs all of the information that your Web browser sends when it requests a Web page, including:

Data Sharing

David Gross' servers do not share any of the data collected within Web access logs or any other interaction with any third party. These interactions that are not shared include, but are not limited to:

Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA)

David Gross only allows users age 13+ to use his services.

User-Submitted Content

David Gross does not claim ownership of any content you post, upload, or submit to his apps. However, by doing so, you are granting him a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to copy, distribute, transmit, reproduce, publicly display, edit, translate, and or publish such content. Such content may only be used for the express purpose provided by the app, website, or service.

Last Updated: 14 June 2021