RE CHEMBIO DIAGNOSTICS: CDC says on July 27, 2023 "This is an interim release" ... "We are waiting on a consultation on an additional 2 pages from other government entities. Consultation times are delayed, and it may take several additional months to receive their responses"

July 27, 2023: EXCLUSIVE 103-page FOIA Response from CDC to David Gross' Request for Info about Chembio Diagnostics et. al.

Download the 103-page FOIA Response from CDC directly via ShareFile

Or download via Scoop.FYI 23-00759_Final.pdf

MD5: c3522afa423f7b9099d288779ca3c001

SHA256: 2b5de2f9f7c6502af11982d42df3778309260681d0ad0e48486466d4d7723b1a

April 14, 2023: David Gross' objection to the sale of Lucira's assets to Pfizer and request for the appointment of a shareholder equity committee [.pdf, Download via Scoop.FYI]

MD5: a7935969aae51875f1a401d8d8bfa845

SHA256: e7355bff6cdd811bfe5e8d985ff8e5de0a35ec1375555ac91c5f56137a5d8dcd

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