COVID-19 Australia Case Tables and Graphs

Data from JHU CSSE Github

Data last queried: Wed May 27 21:48:57 2020 PDT

Data is queried shortly after or around :07 and :37 on the hour.

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State GraphCases per MillionCasesDeathsRecoveriesDeath RateRecovery RateUpdated
Tasmania426.17228132035.7%89.0%2020-05-28 02:32:31
New South Wales409.6030904826701.6%86.4%2020-05-28 02:32:31
South Australia262.3744044350.9%98.9%2020-05-28 02:32:31
Victoria256.0216281915441.2%94.8%2020-05-28 02:32:31
Australian Capital Territory255.9810731042.8%97.2%2020-05-28 02:32:31
Western Australia220.1657095491.6%96.3%2020-05-28 02:32:31
Queensland208.641058710450.7%98.8%2020-05-28 02:32:31
Northern Territory118.85290290.0%100.0%2020-05-28 02:32:31

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