COVID-19 Australia Case Tables and Graphs

Data from JHU CSSE Github

Data last queried: Thu Apr 9 17:16:32 2020 PDT

Data is queried shortly after or around :07 and :37 on the hour.

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State GraphCases per MillionCasesDeathsRecoveriesDeath RateRecovery RateUpdated
New South Wales367.5827732140.8%0.1%2020-04-09 23:09:19
South Australia250.4542031200.7%28.6%2020-04-09 23:09:19
Australian Capital Territory239.231002472.0%47.0%2020-04-09 23:09:19
Tasmania207.481113482.7%43.2%2020-04-09 23:09:19
Victoria193.111228127361.0%59.9%2020-04-09 23:09:19
Western Australia191.1949561701.2%34.3%2020-04-09 23:09:19
Queensland187.9395343450.4%36.2%2020-04-09 23:09:19
Northern Territory114.7528020.0%7.1%2020-04-09 23:09:19

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