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Q: What is the blue pin (iOS) or blue crosshairs (Android) for? How do I lookup weather for a specific location on the map?

iOS: The blue pin is a point of reference for the "Map Tools" side menu tray. The blue pin tracks your slewing motions, zoom motions, and always centers itself. It is also draggable. Using slewing and zoom, center the blue pin on the map next to a fire to do a hyper-local weather lookup from the Map Tools side menu tray, to make a measurement, to center an external Google or Apple Map, to lookup GOES satellite imagery, etc. at the location of the blue pin.

Android: The blue crosshairs is also a point of reference for the "Map Tools" side menu tray. Just like on iOS above, but not draggable. Using slewing and zoom, center the location you want the hyper-local weather for in the crosshairs.

MODIS and VIIRS are NASA satellite instruments that measure thermal hotspots, there is some lag depending on luck because of the orbit/track/scan.

The MODIS & VIIRS thermal hotspots are color coded by day. If there are two days reported, Red pins are from the current day in UTC. Purple pins are from the prior day in UTC. If there is just one day reported, trust the color used and timestamps. Tap any of these hotspot pins to see more details including brightness, power, and timestamp.

MODIS & VIIRS data can be up to 24 hours old.

MODIS resolution: 1 km
VIIRS resolution: 375 m

WFIGS/IRWIN Current Wildfire Perimeters WFIGS: Wildland Fire Interagency Geospatial Services and IRWIN: Integrated Reporting of Wildland Fire Information. These services are not "live". They are updated from operational data and may not reflect current conditions on the ground. New data is pulled every 20 minutes for the purposes of this app. On a weekly basis, fires meeting specific criteria are removed by WFIGS/IRWIN.

The InciWeb Incidents Feed is sorted alphabetically by state first, then by fire name.

The InciWeb Articles Feed is sorted in chronological order, not by state.

InciWeb is an interagency incident system provided by the United States Forest Service.

CHP stands for California Highway Patrol

All weather stations are managed by NOAA. All temperatures are in Fahrenheit. New weather measurements usually come in at 15-minute intervals.

All weather forecasts are managed by NWS.

Air quality data from EPA AirNow and PurpleAir.

The News Wire is based on the GDELT project ( For general queries and questions regarding the GDELT project, contact Kalev Leetaru ( or see the GDELT project Contact Us page ( A laundry list of all news sources cited in this app is available in the Recent Wildfire News section, under the Info button.

Not affiliated with WFIGS, IRWIN, InciWeb, NASA, CAL FIRE, NFIRS, NIFC, CHP, NOAA, NWS or any other agency.

The information displayed in this app is for informational-use only. No representation is made or warranty given as to the information presented. User assumes all risk of use. This app assumes no responsibility for any misunderstanding, loss, or delay resulting from such use.

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